Amazing Spiderman #559


by shazap

213 views Sickening, absolutely disgusting! OK Those of you who have been watching shazap for a while may remember one of my earliest rants about how terrible it was that they had Peter Parker lurking in a tree taking pictures of a private funeral like some lowly paparazzi, well it has officially come to pass. Peter Parker is now officially a member of the paparazzi. At least the other characters seam to be as disgusted by it as I am. I am just not yet convinced by this new direction. I don’t get it. There does seam to be something interesting about the nnew villain, well soon to be villain, that is introduced named paper doll. I’ll stick with it because that’s what I do but seriously they almost had me back and then they have the panel of Spidey swinging by with his camera and a montage of his celeb shots behind him. It just baffles me.