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    Cecilia Parker in Great Crime Drama DVD: Below the Deadline

    A group of robbers try to lure a jewelry store clerk into helping them rob her employers, but are foiled in the attempt by her boyfriend, a cop. Finding another way into the store, the robbers do indeed complete the robbery, carefully framing the cop that got in their way in the process. After the robbery, the innocent girl is fired from her job on the suspicion that she helped the robbers, and she’s forced later to work in a nightclub owned by the thieves. Her boyfriend must flee by train to avoid being taken into custody. The train he’s riding on gets into a terrible wreck and the cop, played by Russell Hopton, sustains irrevocable damage to his face. He visits a plastic surgeon and comes out looking like a completely different person. With his new unrecognizable face, he goes out to find his girl and get his revenge on those who set him up.