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    The Berlin Wall – Lessons Learned

    Carsten Cumbrowski

    by Carsten Cumbrowski

    A short video by Carsten Cumbrowski about the history of the Berlin Wall that physically and spiritually separated an entire city and its people for 28 years; caused hundreds of deaths and inflicted pain in millions of Germans of two generations.

    The short documentary contains some audio and about 2 min of black and white video footage shot by several different sources between 1961 and 1962 and over 60 images that were taken between 1961 and 1990+ by numerous sources.

    Background music by X-Ray Dog (a few seconds of song "The Journey" used for the intro), John F. & die Gropiuslerchen: "Berlin, Berlin (...Dein Herz Kennt Keine Mauern)" from 1987 and Die Skeptiker: "Berlin" from 1995.

    Idea, concept, script and editing by Carsten Cumbrowski. Copyleft 2008.

    Feel free to copy, distribute and share this video with friends, family or strangers.

    Carsten Cumbrowski