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my top ten megaman games


Megaman x is the best but fuck those other game except for megaman 2 it awesome too megamen x for snes is like 80 to 120 $ dont now y you said " grab 10 bucks " ?????
By Bruno Lamarche last year
Other than that, awesome respect to the series. Here's to a fellow Mega Man Legends fan --kind Zelda-style, engrossing action-RPG epic, with a better story and surprising cinematic style--and totally its own animal. MM2 and MMX are both serious contenders for best games ever, too, and MMX even threw in a really cool (complicated) story . . . after the build-up of the story of X1-4, X5's "conclusion" was pretty weak. MM9 and X8 were a rather decent return-to-form in recent years, IMO.
By Sephiroth22 5 years ago
I especially appreciate proper credit given to Mega Man Legends. It's hard to imagine how critics couldn't figure out how to appreciate that, except for Capcom's bad habit of making Mega Man feel like it has less of a budget than its other franchises (it sure could have looked better, but MML2 was an improvement there).

Mega Man 7 was weak because Mega Man's sprite was too huge, and clunky: the Mega Man series IS the standard for jump and shoot action, and MM7's sprite didn't have anywhere NEAR the precision of the NES games or MM8, or MMX1-6. The sound effects were also nerfed (big time).

And Wily Wars was awful. It's obvious that game was simply marketed to people who didn't have an NES, and the control is somehow the worst in a Mega Man sidescroller ever and is only notable for SLIGHTLY more detailed graphics (and even then, in dubious style).

It's hard to compare the genres, but I'd say, maybe: MM2>MMX>MM3>MMX4>MML>MM8>MM1>MMX2>MML2>MM5
By Sephiroth22 5 years ago
I agree with you. Craig isn't giving these games enough time.
By Brennan Ritchie 5 years ago
first off Starforce is a complete different game saga, and network transmission isn't a bn game because it doesn't follow the same formula
By zeromasterca 6 years ago
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