RAW 19/5/08 part 10


por jlade

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8 comentarios

Cena Rules the School! From his amazing ring entrances, funny and smart comments and his amazing wrestling skill (He CAN wrestle!), Cena is an all-rounder and deserves to ALWAYS be the Champ! Cena rules!
Por hotshot_honey hace 6 años
they all suck except randy. hhh is worse than "regal" wheb it comes to abuse of power
Por Bryanero hace 7 años
Cena is the only one who sucks in Monday Night Raw
Por gilmoutsky hace 7 años
If JBL's gut hangs any further over his tights he will start tripping on it. Why is that guy headlining stuff? He's rusty, slow and boring.
Por lochrin007 hace 7 años
cena is only a piece of shit he really suck triple h is the best so it's randy orton but cena and jbl are pieces of shit ¡¡¡
Por zandig hace 7 años
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