Darfur, the roots of the Sudan crisis by Mr al NUR

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Abdul Wahid al Nur, President of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM), has moved his headquarters from Darfur to Paris and is presenting the situation at a lunch organised by the American Club of Paris.

In the summer of 2004 the genocide and massacres of Darfur burst into international prominence. U.N. statistics claim more than 300 000 people died in Darfur.

Although Mr. Abdul Walid al Nur has participated in 11 peace negotiations, he now refuses to join in the last Darfur Peace Agreement, despite pressures from the West.

His approach to leadership has made him popular with the victims although he refused fervently to negotiate before the 20,000 AU/UN hybrid forces arrive to insure a sustainable peace in Sudan. He is quoted to have said, "I want to be the president of my country - and this is my right and the right of my people. But I will not become president on the bones of my people."

He was born and raised in the dusty Darfur town of Zalingei in 1968, educated at the University of Khartoum in 1995, where he graduated with a law degree before working as a successful lawyer.

In 1989, he created the SLM in reaction to the increasingly violent, divisive, and forcefully Arabo-Islamist dictatorship of General Al-Bachir, who had seized power after dramatically losing elections with less than 10% of the votes. Thereafter, no national election was ever organized. The military wing of the SLM, the Sudan Liberation Army, was created in 2001.

He claims that his forces have ALWAYS targeted military actions and its human rights record is impeccable.

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هى الجضوم هينة الكلام الجيوب
Par abdo almuzka il y a 4 ans
شاهدت بالصدفة الشريط المرفق اعلاه للمناضل الاممي السابق المدعو عبد الواحد محمد نور وهو يتحدث في ندوة بالنادي الامريكي في باريس حول الصراع في دارفور بصورة تدعو للشفقة والرثاء علي هذا المناضل الذي ضل طريقه وهو يزيف الوقائع في جراءة نادرة

ردي كامل علي اللينك
Par samir ibrahim il y a 6 ans
عبد الواحد محمد نور

تحريض واكاذيب بلاحدود وجهل متعمد بجذور الصراع في اقليم دارفور
لو ان شاة او بهيمة اوذيت في دارفور لحق لها القصاص العادل والعاجل
شريطة معرفة وتحديد الجهة التي ارتكبت الجريمة بطريقة قانونية دقيقة
حتي لاتتحول القضية بالباطل الي محاكمة لامة وشعب كامل بغير ذنب
Par samir ibrahim il y a 6 ans
شوف الجطوم دى كبرت كيف من الاكل ماكان لقى ياكل
Par hh jj kk il y a 6 ans
Par Paul_Smithusa il y a 6 ans