Chris Jericho Vs Shawn Michaels 3/3 2/18/08

Know Your Rule
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Judgement Day 2008

Single's Match.


By BlackMan90_openid_com 5 years ago
you dumbass. this was best match in 2008. even when im cena fan i know that shawn michaels is 1000000 times better. it doesn't matter how many moves they do, it matter how they do them. shawn michaels is a real wrestler. and at the ppv shawn michaels always does something new, what cena does? i swear that if i were in the crowd at wrestlemania 23 i would have chanted ''cena sucks, you can't wrestler and HBK!HBK!''
By just bring it 6 years ago
wow !!!!!!!!!

what a match !!!!!!!!!!!


all the stinking hypocrites .

when sawn michaels make in every match the same 2 moves he is great but if its cena he is shit ah ?

this match stink and sucks and all u fucking hypocrites can kiss my ass .

2 lick shawn mixchaels ass thats what u know .

shawn michaels sucks .

this bitch cant wresle every match he make the same 3 moves but when its michaels the bitch its great ah whores ?

continue 2 lick the ass of the scum shawn michaels u dont know nothing from u life fucking ass holes .

By Nadav Fridler 7 years ago
That was easily one of the best matches and rivalries of the year.
By Andrew Thomas Boucher 7 years ago
Fantastic match! Two of the best wrestlers alive today going out there and doing what they do best . No bullshit, no shenanigans, just great wrestling
By hbk_4_life1 7 years ago
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