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    Anti-gay protests in Bucharest


    by SoDMaster

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    ivan cristian
    baga si tu filme cu gay.daca ai ca imi cristian ploiesti
    By ivan cristian9 years ago
    hmm..i am not sure how much you understood from those romanian people, but i just want to tell you that i am romanian as well, but i live in the USA...
    You might lack the knowledge they were giving you, because clearly they know about gay people of course. But over there its a HUSH thing. Not many people talk about it because most people there do brutal things to those who are found gay. They lose their friends and its not such a popular thing like in the USA. I never met any gay people in my country (romania that is) but im sure they were around i just never noticed it. In the USA gays act more feminine, in romania u never really meet feminine guys who are openly acting gay. But times are changing and i guess what they see on TV mostly from USA and how gays are being treated, they want the same rights as well..Its more difficult to achieve such thing in romania, than lets say USA.

    I am straight and not gay at all, but i feel sorry for those who are gay in romania because they cant really express themselves...Gays are dispised in romania, but like i said..times are changing and gay activists are on the rise..could be a good thing. I am not into this whole gay stuff because i am straight..but i guess i wish them luck..

    By buffyguy119 years ago