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55 sayings from Prophet Mohamed

10 years ago195 views

No ablution with the need 2 go 2 the toilet and no prayer when the food is presented.
From the good islam is not interfering with others business.
The strong believer is better than weak one.

• It is a right on Allah 2 lower what he raised

• Allah says in hadith : oh adam son if u came 2 me with earh full sins then you asked and begged me for forgiveness and u werenot polytheist of me , I will cover your sins and provide u with earth-full sin cover.
• The repentent of a sin is like this who didn’t commit a sin.
• Allah continues to look at you in prayer as long as your attention wasnot diverted.
• If night fell, put out your lanterns,cover your dishes and keep your children as Allah sends what creatures he wants.
• All the muslin is forbidden on the muslim,his money, his blood and his honour.
• If two people shake hands, their sins will fall like tree papers.
• 2 sorts of people I haven't seen: women with descriptive clothes who will not go 2 heaven or smell it and people hitting others with whips like cows tail.
Spread salutations among you.
• Allah doesn't put blessing in a work that
diverts your attention from praying
This religion is strong so deepen in it gently.