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    GeneWize Life Sciences Meets Franco Gonzalez Attraction ...


    by globalflow

    35 views LEADERS - Looking for massive Residual Income... GeneWize Life Sciences and the Global Cashflow Systems Team, along with Jonathan Budd, Jenn Lawlor, Jason Schawver, Katie Freiling and the rest of the POWERFUL Empowered Entrepreneurs Team have JOINED FORCES... and will be aggressively building this company during it's launch in the summer of 2008... Founding Leadership Positions are being filled now manually after a brief interview with team leaders... We are looking for PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY... High Quality "Character First" leaders with some experience in network/internet marketing... and with strong work ethics and a passion for personal development... Visit: Review the information and get to know who we are and what we are about... then call me directly at: (818) 339-6767 After a brief interview, we'll consider you for membership in our marketing inner circle... KEYWORD INFO (We can show you this and why it's pretty "marketing" cool when you join our team...) Genewize life sciences is a VERY new opportunity, that looks like it could be one of the most promising network marketing company launches we've seen in a LONG time. Industry leaders are literally pouring over from Agel, MonaVie, and many other popular network marketing companies to get their positioning right now. The Genewize life sciences product is by far something NO ONE has ever seen. With the ability to customize nutrition to your 'actual' Genetic Profile...there is literally nothing in the world like GeneWize Life Sciences. But with that being said, none of that matters for JUNK unless you STILL know the mechanics and science of building mlm organizations. If you don't know how to market and advertise your business, and generate MASSIVE prospects and cash flow...then how do you expect to succeed in GeneWize? Genewize, just like every other business, takes understanding REAL business building principles in order to be ...