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    Fantasia - bore me live


    by Gordon84

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    Drew Jones
    Many people try to knock this performance by saying she's "ghetto" and screaming too much. However, this is the most "knock your socks off" TELEVISED musical performance I've seen in YEARS! Nothing on 'American Idol' has EVER been that HOT! Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so...

    "A special thanks to Fantasia Barrino for reminding "Idol" viewers what musical excitement looks and sounds like with her fiery, funky rendition of "Bore Me (Yawn)," from her last album. Unpredictable, raw, dangerously close to chaotic, Fantasia's performance recalled how the best music on television once felt -- like something breaking through the screen. Simon, of course, looked horrified. Thank goodness he wasn't a judge at Janis Joplin's audition."

    -- Ann Powers (LA Times)

    Fantansia is so reminiscent of Patti Labelle and Tina Turner it's beyond amazing!
    By Drew Jones8 years ago