B&B June 18th 2004

Adam Soap Fan

by Adam Soap Fan

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Ridge talks with Rick. Ridge tells him that he and his Mother are getting back together. He intends to be a Father to the new baby and he will always put the baby's needs first. He will not put the baby in a war zone, and Nick will always be a part of the baby's life. Rick tells him that at Thorne and Darla's wedding, he could tell that there was still something between the two of them. He won't interfere with their relationship.

Brooke and Nick are in conversation. She is telling him how sorry she is for everything. He says he wouldn't have changed anything, except, maybe for the outcome. He, at least, has discovered that he is a heart. Brooke tells him that he has the biggest heart she knows and the baby will know that also. Ridge wants him to be a part of the baby's life.

Jackie arrives at the boat and finding Nick there, asks if he has seen Brooke. He informs her that it is over. Brooke went back to Ridge. Jackie tells him that she has something important to tell him. He comments that his relationship with Brooke was like a ship that never left port. Jackie is still trying to get through to Nick with what she has to tell him. He's tired and asks her to wait. She tells him, that with what he just found out, this might come as a relief.

Ridge and Brooke speak of love and commitment. Brooke announces that the baby is coming!!

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Beautifull video i liket that so much
By Heini Kankare Last year