Quotidienne Daily 15/05 - Star Academy LBC5 (3)

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tout a coup elle kiff qwaider man alors qu'avant elle parlait derriere son dos elle aussi ! elle est pas mieux que shahi cette hypocrite de mirhane
Par DHIAE FOREVER il y a 6 ans
I have heard that Diaa has left Morocco to Lebanon yesterday
Par MrC2009 il y a 6 ans
..and lamimaroc, you obvisouly have no sense of humor. lol
Par sous106 il y a 6 ans
Moe is going to win. Mark my words for it. You guys seem to forget the old debacle that happened between Diana Karazon and Melhem Zein on Superstar (I was a staunch supporter of Melhem of course, who I still think was unfairly treated back then and the votes were definitely rigged in favour of Diana by Future TV).

One thing you should NOT test, and that thing is Jordanians are very very stubborn, just as Moe is. If they get it through their heads that Moe is being unfairly targeted, they will vote their asses off more than all the khelijis combined.

Just watch as he snatches this one from underneath everyone else's legs.
Par sous106 il y a 6 ans
putin ca fai pas rire caa !! elle ri pour lui faire plaiziiiiir ca s voi m**d
Par lamimaroc il y a 6 ans
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