Frank Sinatra, My Way (Live at the Royal Festival Hall 1971)

Way To Blue France

by Way To Blue France

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Here is the only page that has a full live stream
By Evilwoman18316February
UPDATE: This is the only spot that has the hq stream
Kenny Stebbins
yah my g f shelley , mover to tex from ct is doing it her way fighting a tough fight by her self cancer sucks ,makes good people do fed up things , @ least she has this song
By Kenny StebbinsJanuary
There will never be another like Frank...
By DorothyAugust
raymond balagio
Ce boy fut un des plus populaires chanteurs Mad in USA.Il fait parti de la mémoire populaire et internationale.Une voie exceptionnelle et un répertoire digne des plus grands chanteurs mondiaux.
Le talent n'a pas de frontière:HEUREUSEMENT !
By raymond balagio5 years ago
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