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    Majella Blues- - Stumptown Jazz 2002

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Majella Blues – Stumptown Jazz 2002
    It must have been some 44 years earlier that the clarinet player of our band in Holland was in the local hospital. There he composed this tune and named it after this hospital which was called the Majella Ziekenhuis. We then learned it and played it but after our family had moved to Canada we had forgotten about this tune. Somewhere in the eighties it suddenly came back and I recorded it with the Climax Jazzband in Toronto . When I moved to the westcoast and joined Stumptown I introduced it to them as well, and somebody filmed it at this party in Milwaukie Oregon.
    In the band are Bob Erwig trumpet, Phil Hatton clarinet, Rex Rice trombone, leader Gary Peterson piano, Dave Brown banjo, John Wallin tuba and Bill Franklin drums.
    ( p.s Jack Koppels , who composed this title is still alive, lives in the Netherlands, gave up clarinet and only plays piano. Unfortunately he does not have internet, so if someone close to him gets this, give Jack a ring and let him listen to it. I’m sure it will make him feel good.)
    Bob Erwig