UFO filmed over Moscow



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superbe vidéo
Par bym42Il y a 5 ans
(Free) Hugues
Egalement avec des boules rouges au dessus de moscou:
Par (Free) HuguesIl y a 6 ans
This is an excellent video. The clarity is outstanding and because of it, the object IMO is clearly a weather balloon - for once. They start out nearly deflated, but expand and flatten out as they rise and the pressure gets lower. The apparent lights are a reflection of the Sun off it's surface on the right, and because it is nearly clear, we see a reflection of the Sunlight reflecting on the left internal side. It gets brighter as the Sun raises higher. Just a few minutes before the end, you can see the instrumentation package hanging from the bottom. There are craft out there, I've seen them twice myself, but this one isn't one of them. After all, some of them HAVE to actually be weather balloons for a change, don't they? An awful lot of them are launched all over the world every day. Keep watching! (I will)
Par Al_IanIl y a 7 ans
Pierre Leca
film recuperé ou ?
temoins ?
d'autres infos dispos ?
dommage cela semble intéressant, mais il faut investiguer plus ...!
Par Pierre LecaIl y a 7 ans
il fait pas nuit à 4h30??
Par kabal17Il y a 7 ans
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