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    WWE RAW 12/5/08 part 6


    por jlade

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    if jeff doesn't win the wwe title is only because triple H sucks and he stops always the pushs of young superstars like jeff because HHH wants the wwe titre and as he is the boyfriend of stephanie he does what he want!! HHH SUCKS!!!
    Por hardysdxHace 8 años
    sam ...
    Jeff hardy fking rules he just needs to make sure he keeps off the drugs. one more time getting caught and he in out of WWE forever.
    Por sam ...Hace 8 años
    Aurelio shut up maybe? hardy is only goot at middle level and not the wwe title
    Por caliosaHace 8 años
    hardys new music sucks ass.
    Por rsko420Hace 8 años
    jeff tes le meilleur
    Por le-kekeHace 8 años
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