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    Iron Man Movie


    by shazap


    Wow this movie was great! Even thought I am not a big Iron Man Fan this is definitely one of my favorite super hero movies. It had action, humor, and excitement wrapped into what was definitely the best written film of the genre that I’ve seen. There was the perfect blend of origin and action and the dialog really keeps the pace of the movie going. Guys you can even take your girlfriends to this one without having to promise to see Sex and the City later on. The effects are near seamless and the suit is just kick ass. It delivered in the box office too exceeding expectations and coming in as the second biggest non sequel opening behind the first Spider-Man. This is a great way to start off the summer of super heroes and sets the bar really high. Go see this it’s a movie you’ll want to catch a couple times before it leaves the theaters and when you do, stick around for the closing credits you won’t be disappointed.