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    The Dark Tower #3


    by shazap


    This dark, gripping story continues. The ka-tet continues to move along towards home and decides to take more desperate measures in recovering Roland from the grips of Merlin’s grapefruit. Alain, decides to enter the orb himself and bring Roland back. Marten continues to torment Roland as the raven although his hand is forced at the appearance of Alain. Now with Alain having the gift he is able to handle himself a bit better in the metaphysical world and challenge Marten. On the outside New threats appear and allain must make a choice to go in after Roland or help Bert fend off the wolves that stand at the edge of camp ready to attack. There was not as much opportunity for the art to impress in this issue as it has in the previous two but it is still pretty incredible. This issue was a little slow but it will be worth it as we get to meet the Crimson King. Great book.