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    Amazing Spiderman #558


    by shazap

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    In this issue the all the stories that have been started since Brand New Day began are starting to come back around. Now that the snow has melted life gets back to normal in NYC and everyone comes out to play. This title is in a weird place because the story and themes are pretty good but the writing is in an almost juvenile place. It is over simplified and the dialog is way dumbed down. I get that they are trying to take Peter back with the brand new day but how far back has he gone. This is reminiscent of when Peter was in college, but he’s been out for a long time, and what about all of the power ups and evolutions that Spiderman has undergone. What about the events of the Other series, the stuff with Ezekiel, and when his webs became organic right before the avengers disassembled. Some of the loose ends within the Brand New Day arch are beginning to get tied up, but what about the continuity in the rest of the marvel universe. I’ll stick around just to see how they pull it off and thankfully it is getting entertaining enough to make it worth while.