Orange luminous UFO 4th Jan 2008 in France

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In Rambouillet on the 4th of January 2008 a French man films a strange luminous object in the sky, Which seams to change shape slightly and then slowly disappears only to reappear a while later.
another reason for posting is this is

very similar to what I had seen a couple

of months ago.
Walking down the road I looked up and

saw a small bright orange triangle shape. But because it was flying away from me at a steady pace, I assumed it was a plane with the sun reflecting from it.
It was only when I saw another plane that I realized how different it was to what I had just seen. When I looked again it had completely disappeared. The sky was clear and there is no way anything man made that we know of could do that. And I looked all the way home and didn't see it again.
I do believe it was a UFO as it was unidentified, flying and an object that I as a regular sky watcher had never seen before :-)


Hi Im from sri lanka and living in malaysia , pls read my blog I'm just sharing my experience pls tell me whether it is good or not.
By davin 6 years ago
By simon blah 6 years ago
You could tel this was a fake. It is a reflection from a light source behind the camera. You could tell becaus at the beggining of the clip, there is a smudge on the lower right side of the light that moves with the (supposedly) UFO.
By Damien Angelo 6 years ago
POur moi c'est un ballon sonde
By Romaninho8664 6 years ago
pas mal, moi j'en ai vu un me froler a basse vitesse!! c'est du lourd....
By Sony Pary 7 years ago