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    ISLAM is your enemy


    by Civilization_Wins

    Political correctness, freedom of religion, liberal white guilt, anti-racism laws, the West's tolerance and good will are being used as a weapon by our enemies against us to kill us and extinguish our culture and values. They are using our institutions and freedoms as weapons to extinguish all freedom, just like the 9/11 hijackers used America's infrastructure as weapons of war. Muslims are not immigrants who wish to integrate but invaders who want to destroy everything and replace it with the hell holes that ironically forced them to escape to start with... Freedom, laughter, tolerance, intelligence, enlightenment, wisdom, happiness are on the side of God... Islam is the opposite of all that, terrorism, fear, violence, ignorance, racism, fascism are on the side of Lucifer the moon god also known as allah and his pedophile murdering messenger moo ham head (piss may be upon him).