No Country For Really Old Men

Fried Nothing TV

by Fried Nothing TV

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In a world where justice is outlawed... and only outlaws have justice... there are no clean getaways, just ones that are mashed up into a fine paste for easy digestion.

A semi-finalist in the 2008 MTV Movie Awards Spoof Contest


ca dégoûte
By JTeKeN 7 years ago
oui, tu vois "nice job guy's *" traduit littérallement ça veut dire "bon travail les gars" donc je suppose qu'effectivement les spectateurs qui ont laissé ces commentaires apprécient la vidéo. Donc tu es gentil ton "abruti" tu le garde pour toi !(en gros prends pas ton cas pour une généralité)
By EndStarTing 7 years ago
Tu parles anglais abruti?
By MetaMeta 7 years ago
mais mdr comme c'est pitoyable et tout le monde kiff en plus
By EndStarTing 7 years ago
If I were you I'd look into why the winning video was also posted on 3 of the other contest websites. This is completely against the posted rules and by my count should make you the winner.
By tackodickey 7 years ago
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