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    Iraq - Peace begins with Justice !!!

    Tom Petersen

    by Tom Petersen

    This Video contains information about some of the Victims of the 2003 ‘Invasion’ of Iraq. To be more precise… the ‘Victims’ are some of the babies and children three years of age or under, who as the result of the Invasion, suddenly had their lives ‘terminated’ !

    These beautiful Gifts of God weren’t ‘Terrorists’. They weren’t a Threat to the United States… associates of Osama bin Laden… responsible for the 2001 Terrorists Attacks… or anything at all that would suggest they didn’t deserve to live a full and happy life !!!

    Beautiful Gifts from God… their lives over, in such a violent manner. Bombed in an air raid… shot by a rifle… splattered with shrapnel… blown up by a tank. Certainly not the ending that God would have wished for them… especially at such a young age.

    The People of Iraq deserve to be able to live their lives in Peace. They also deserve ‘Justice’. It is that ‘justice’ which demands that those responsible for atrocities against the People of Iraq should be held accountable for their actions.

    Justice was demanded against Saddam Hussein for his atrocities against the Iraqi People.
    The same should be demanded against George W. Bush and his co-conspirators !!!

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