Jeanette Biedermann - Bad Girls Club

Miss Undercover

von Miss Undercover

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Verse 1:
So lonely inside
Darkness day and night
My blood is freezing in my veins, yes in my veins
Sadness everywhere
No one out there
Nobody to bring back my smile in a while

Shit, shit, shit i feel so dead
But damn, i know what they've said
Dead, and damn, i know ...

Join our bad girls club
It's time to make a final cut
You've felt a lot of pain and mess
That bloody lovesickness
Join bad girls club
It's time for you to kick some butt
Together we'll survive the good times
And the hard times too

Verse 2:
We gotta talk now
Everything is somehow
But with all my girls surrounding me - fraternity
I tried out everything
To forget that hurting thing
Girls, you can make me whole again
Yeah whole again, but ...

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

Nothing's better than to have good sisters
So much closer, familiar than some mister
But, i have to say this love's still biting -Ohh
And i am running low
I know i know - Aow
They say forget that guy
And the game of love
You are right but i'm not yet tough enough
Although we're broken-hearted
We will have to kick their asses in the end