Bill Cosby SPEAKS OUT about BLACK PEOPLE!!!!

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. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A BRIEF WORD ON ... "THE GREAT-COSBY' ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . The person who is now referred to as "Dr." Bill Cosby ("THE GREAT-And-POWERFUL COS") is quite simply The World's Biggest Hypocrite … and this is being stated .... Due To the FACT that: . (In addition to (1) his well-known, and unrepentant, Adultery and Womanizing; (2) the Sexual-Assaults of which he has been repeatedly-accused (and paid "hush money" to keep this out of the press); (3) his Double-Standard regarding the subject of interracial-romance; (4) his abandoning, as well as his (5) vile mental and cruel emotional abuse, of his (known) Out-Of-wedlock-Offspring; etc.) -- (5) even the way that he "obtained" (i.e. Purchased) his so-called "doctorate" degree is just yet another example of how ... the "super-rich" can quite easily buy their way out of or into nearly any and everything. . Cosby is 100% BOTH a Fraud AND a Hypocrite -- AND he is the last person on the planet who we, as the decent and moral members of our society, should 'hail' as being the one who we deem as "worthy" of being selected as THE MESSENGER of bringing THE MESSAGE (which, anyone with a brain stem can see is a GREAT MESSAGE) to his own people -- (particularly seeing that he secretly-lives in the very EXACT SAME lifestyle as do those in his group that he both hypocritically and publicly-condemns) . (THE LINKS BELOW PROVIDE MORE ON … “THE-GREAT-AND-POWERFUL-COS”) . . . Now --- before anyone MISUNDERSTANDS the POINT that I am making here … perhaps you may be interested in noting the FACT that ---- it is "THE MESSENGER" (who is nothing more than MERELY …. (1) an Un-repentant and Adulterous-Cheater and Notorious-Womanizer; (2) a Stereotypical-Breeder of at least one KNOWN Out-of-Wedlock Child .... that he then left up to the government (via the very hard-working American taxpayers) to have to support; (3) someone who has been accused of RAPING multiple women (whom he later ‘paid off’ or ‘threatened’ in order to keep silent); AND (4) someone who (although he brags about his degrees ad-nauseum) did NOT actually 'earn' even a SINGLE ONE of his purchased educational-degrees) --- and that IT IS *NOT* "THE MESSAGE" that I'm CONDEMNING and / or criticizing in my comments. . The "Great and Powerful Cos" is both just a total hypocrite (as, he does the very same things that he condemns his own people for when they do it) and is also a 100% Fraud; he is the very last person on the planet who should have made any statement about the bad-behaviors of his people (seeing that he is actually "no different than they…only richer"); and it's high time that someone both noticed and exposed 'The Man Behind The Curtain” and used a "worthy" person found within his group in order to try to get his people into the shape that their earlier leaders once sought for them. . Cosby is a disgrace to every actual DECENT (and non-hypocritical) American who (unlike him and those of his ilk) actually are living lives of VERY hard work and moral behavior -- and (unlike this Cosby-fraud) are not rich hypocrites and frauds who are no different than the people that we scold ... but we (those of us Americans who ACTUALLY are the hard-working, tax-payers) do NOT have the millions of dollars (that Cosby-the Fraud) had with which to buy ourselves out of or into any situation .. and then pretend to be different from those that we criticize. . Maybe if all of those Black people of America had heard from someone within their group who was not some WELL-KNOWN and TOTAL 100% FRAUD -- those people would have taken the advice that was handed to them (unfortunately by Cosby-the-Fraud --who, again, behaves in the EXACT SAME manner which he condemns when it is done by other people). . There are plenty of actual moral and hard-working people found among his grouping (some of whom are even as well off as is 'The Great and Powerful Wizard of Cos') and those are the people to whom the rest of us should tell them to listen in order to get their lives and communities improved and in shape. .
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