Britains got talent?

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Davey B

by Davey B

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"Who's that?", my wife asked from the kitchen.

"Nobody", was my answer.

By scjsjo 5 years ago
I think escalinci is trying to be funny, with the use of long words hoping to confuse. What he's trying to say (i think...) is that people do the over-dramatic on purpose, and in turn people take the mick out of that(i think he means you Dave), and in turn people like escalinci try to mock that. Its all a bit over analysed if you ask me. I thought your video was spot on Dave, very funny. No big words from me, just a big smile :)
By Kidhands 6 years ago
Um, not sure what the other guy meant below (?!), but nicely put together Dave. Keep up the good posting.
By Digby Lewis 6 years ago
We live a thankfully drama-free existence but feel the need to create it in order to validate the aforementioned existence. Others, get this, mock the validation, perhaps with a video, in order to validate themselves. Then, other people mock the mocking of the validation, perhaps by commenting, in order to validate themselves. And repeat the concept ad absurdum.
By Ethan Duffy 6 years ago