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I never understood it until now, but it makes sense, by putting the wrong in Al's life back, he would never meet Al and project quantum leap would never exist. Therefore he would never leap home. That's why the bartender said you got one last thing to make right. Sam new that.
By michael minneci Last year
I agree with you Zia that NBC should of kept the show but what can we except. I love this show too so much.

By IloveQuantumleap1 6 years ago
I simply don't understand why NBC had pulled the plug to this show. It was one of the best shows ever made on Television. After all this years it is still my favorite show. Thanks for sharing this.
By ZiaGothica 6 years ago
Ra la la la...sniff...
By FR4NCT1R3UR 7 years ago
I love this video and the line the bartender says about touching lives.
I wish Sam had gone home.
By IloveQuantumleap1 7 years ago