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    Spider Plant Aquarium Garden


    by fewdoit

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    Spider Plant Aquarium Garden
    Chlorophytum comosum is also known as spider plant, spider ivy, airplane plant, ribbon plant, and a few other names.
    November 11th, 2016
    I placed a plantlet of a spider plant in a cup of water from an aquarium.
    November 22nd, 2016
    A root sprouted during the past week.
    November 28th, 2016
    The root grows noticeably.
    December 7th, 2016
    I kept the roots of the spider plant in one of my aquariums for the last week.
    This aquarium also houses an aloe plant, as you can see.
    The spider plant is sporting well developed roots.
    I want to house this plant in a plastic bottle planter.
    I made a planter with 2 funnels (here is link to videos about planters:
    Put a layer of padding polyester to cover holes.
    Add a 2-3 cm layer of sand on top of it.
    Use water from an aquarium to soak the planter a couple times to flush small particles that can go through the polyester.
    Add more sand if necessary.
    Dig a pit for the plant.
    Place the spider plant in the pit.
    Cover roots with sand.
    Place the planter on top of a plastic bottle aquarium (here is the list of videos how to make plastic bottle aquariums:
    Leave a couple millimeters of space between the water and the planter.
    I water the plant once a week.
    December 18th, 2016
    The sand remains damp all the time.
    For this reason I stop watering the plant.
    Have fun and happy spider plant :)


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