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    Eva Gabor on a Deserted Island! 1950’s Sexiest Woman Ever

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    A precious early film appearance of the sexy starlet Eva Gabor, Love Island is a classic example of what it meant to show a lot of skin in the nineteen fifties. The sensuous Gabor is a native on a lonely island where American Paul Valentine crash lands. Valentine, like most red blooded males, takes an immediate liking to Gabor and desires to marry her. Fascinating scenes of tribal forms of marriage and dance are then explored with Gabor as the narrator, an enriching cultural depiction. But when everything is set for the wedding, one of the other natives finds out about the marriage and doesn’t approve – to the point of becoming murderous! A great romance, and a chance to see a youthful Eva Gabor on an island beach, Love Island is the perfect way to spend a cozy evening indoors.