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    Primerica Training - Is YOUR Primerica Training EFFECTIVE?


    by NMConsultant


    You know, there are lots of different Primerica training methods and information out there that supposedly are EFFECTIVE in helping you get the job done in your Primerica business - but are they REALLY that effective?

    An easy way to answer that is to ask this question about the training you are receiving right now in your network marketing business:

    - Does it make sense?

    Does it make sense to approach people ('prospecting') that didn't asked to be approached and 'share' your opportunity with them in hopes that you'll do a good enough job to CONVINCE them to join your business?


    Does it make more sense to effectively position yourself in the marketplace (marketing) so that prospects are ATTRACTED to YOU and what you have to offer when the time is right for THEM?

    Does it make more sense to appear like a desperate sales person begging for anyone to look at your business?


    Does it make more sense to appear like a professional in your field and have people seeking YOU out begging to do business with YOU?

    Which of these situations are you being trained on and taught to do?

    If what you have to offer is REALLY that great - people should be attracted to it and to you, and you should NOT need to EVER go out and approach or find people to tell them about how great it is! It's all about knowing what to do and how to do it in regards to marketing and positioning yourself so your target market can find YOU.

    Here is a place where you can learn EFFECTIVE training for building your business and positioning yourself to attract qualified prospects:

    Helping you succeed,

    Scott Rogers
    Network Marketing and Home Business Consultant/Trainer/Coach