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    Green Lantern #30


    by shazap

    With this one I have no one to blame but myself. I hated the last issue I read but it was kind of a light week so I thought I’d give it another try hoping that it would at least have something to do with the Invasion. Boy was I wrong. It was as slow and insignificant as the last issue I reviewed here. On one hand it is graduation day for the current class of heroes in training and on the other the instructors are caught up in a hearing to discuss what is going on in the initiative and why it has had so many problems. It’s dull, there is no real connection to the characters and it reads like the beauracratic dribble that the initiative itself was born from. Bore me once shame on you, bore me twice shame on me. I won’t let it happen again and I won’t be picking up this title again.