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    Green Lantern #30


    by shazap

    The secret origin continues arch continues Most of the stuff with Hal is old news, except for what they’ve changed, but the stuff with Abin Sur is really intriguing. We learn a little bit more about the prophecy and the guardian’s knowledge of it. While this is exciting all it’s really doing is getting me anxious for the blackest night to get started. It gives you some good information but so far nothing you can’t live without. It almost feels like they wanted to do the blackest night along with the Final Crisis and needed a few months of filler to line it all up so we got Secret Origin. I would rather they have summed up all the Abin Sur and prophecy stuff up in one issue then get on to the goods. That being said Geoff Johns could make anything interesting so it is a good read I’m just an impatient little kid who knows what’s coming and wants it now.