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    Thor Ages of Thunder


    by shazap

    This one shot definitely gets a pass. I was really disappointed in this book, especially since I’m getting into Thor, but it’s Strazinski’s writing that has turned me on to the character and this is not Strazinski. The pacing is terrible as this might be the wordiest comic book I’ve ever read. It reads like a story of old mythology with the trickery of the gods and its nice tidy moral, but there is nothing to hold your interest. Action is fairly sparse and what little there is gets so bogged down by the narration that it’s like watching a fight in slow motion. I kept waiting for this story to get going for something to be put at stake but nothing ever happened. I think the worst part was at the very end of the story when I got to the bottom of the last page and it said “To be continued”. How can it be a one shot if it is going to be continued? Wouldn’t that make it a two shot at least? I just can’t believe that they are actually asking people to come back to this story. It was the first time that I almost didn’t finish a book. In fact this review was the only reason I did. Leave this one on the shelves guys