Will You Marry Me?

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Happy Leap Day!!! on this day we women can propose to you men! are you ready to say yes?!! Leap Day Feb 29 2008 please subscribe to all these fabulous women! In no particular order: http://www.youtube.com/babyporridge http://www.youtube.com/iheartslug http://www.youtube.com/Illuminatta http://www.youtube.com/annspade http://www.youtube.com/spricket24 http://www.youtube.com/julieg713 http://www.youtube.com/Lilylulay http://www.youtube.com/nayders07 http://www.youtube.com/furnifur http://www.youtube.com/speedyconkiwi http://www.youtube.com/natztheflip http://www.youtube.com/mercury4000 *bissextile*: the 24th of February used to be counted twice in a leap year, so there were two (bi) of the sixth (sextile) days before March. So a Leap Year is a Bissextile Year :) xoxox Jill http://www.youtube.com/user/xgobobeanx http://www.xgobobeanx.com

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very funny stuff
creepy, but funny
By WNW 6 years ago