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    Small guppy update


    by fewdoit

    February 10th, 2017
    A couple days ago, I moved a pair of guppy fry from their parental aquarium to a new one.
    Here you can see the parents in their old aquarium.
    This aquarium needs a thorough cleaning.
    I have not done it since July 2016.
    The parents are doing fine, as you can see.
    The female seems to be getting bulkier.
    Each fish measures about 2 cm.
    The male is spending most of his time trying to impress the female.
    I labeled each aquarium with information for future reference.
    P stands for parents.
    I include the fish birthday.
    F 1 stands for first generation.
    Here is the new home of the first generation.
    There are two babies.
    They are 25 days old.
    Here is one staying still.
    And the other baby is ... right here.
    The first day in this new aquarium was hard for both babies.
    Now they seem to be doing fine.
    I will let you know of any changes.
    Have fun and happy fish :)


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