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    Quotidienne Daily 05/05 - Star Academy LBC5 (2)


    par SuperBeurkMan

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    To me and many many others muhammad is a star. I love the voice of shahinaz very much too, however, I really find her double face. But again if I want to hear a singer I want to hear his voice and enjoy it and not live with his character. so to me shahinaz ia a star too and she will be famous in the future regardless of the results in star academy. shahinaz and muhammad are the best voices in the academy.
    Par nadineriskIl y a 8 ans
    khlodya3 I just want to elaborate on your question concerning muhammad. Actually muhammad respect the teachers, but sometimes he is late for classes. He does respect his friends but he cannot accept what he hears them saying. He is not like the rest who stay silent and then talk behind backs but rather confront them. They really know what buttom to push in order to make muhammad angry. I think that most spectators know by now that muhammad has the whitest heart among all his coleagues without exceptions. No matter how bad they are you find him voting for them like mirham for example. He voted for her and she said he is majnoun and all the bad stuff about muhammad while she was talking to abdullah. Above all muhammad has the BEST voice among them all. When I want to hear a singer I want to heasr his voice and not live with his character, though muhammad is clear, frank and direct. Remeber that he stayed 100 days INSIDE the academy while all the others went out in some way.
    Par nadineriskIl y a 8 ans
    Diaa tu as cede une enorme place a l'academy cartu esune filleposante intelligente et transparante...tres bonne contuniation ..on t'aime tous Doudou ..Diaa lefana diale les marocains...lah yhafedeke ...
    Par IMANITOIl y a 8 ans
    cutie chel7a
    allah yechafi sar 3endhom hopital psychiatrik fi lacademie lazem yejibo psychiatre le plutot possible!!
    Par cutie chel7aIl y a 8 ans
    vous avez vu comment Elissar adore Nader : elle lui disait..salut mon amour ou chai koi...haha,..c fou cette loveacademy!!
    Par chiquita001Il y a 8 ans
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