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    BrickHouse Security is dedicated to providing industry-leading security solutions to businesses, schools, government agencies and individuals around the world. Call the experts the police turn to.

    Headquartered in New York, BrickHouse Security (a Division of BrickHouse Electronics LLC) is dedicated to assisting the public and government with their security, safety, protection, covert surveillance, and counter-surveillance needs. Each day we serve thousands of customers from around the world , utilizing innovative concepts and technologies to meet their growing needs . We offer more than 12,000+ security products designed solely to your security, safety, prevention and retrieval of everything you hold important to your heart.

    Whether you are a stay-at-home parent , security professional, law enforcement, small to large business, or anyone desiring the essential products necessary to keeping you safe and secure, our knowledgeable industry leading experts are here to serve your needs every day. This is why our customers enjoy choosing BrickHouse Security as their sole source over all other retailers for their most sensitive of needs. We hope you'll enjoy the same satisfaction shipping with us as well