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    Nutrition and multiple sclerosis (MS) part 3/3


    by miladskaya

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    DIRECT-MS ( is a federally registered charity which was founded in early 1998 by families affected by MS. The main goal of the charity is to fund research that directly tests the role of nutritional factors in MS. The charity was established because the research efforts of the large MS charities such as Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada (MSSC) and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) are focused on long term research such as genetics and molecular biology. Such topics are only very indirectly related to MS cause and will not provide persons with MS with a practical therapy for slowing or halting MS progression for decades, if ever. Thus little research is being done which will help persons with MS in the near future (5-10 years) and essentially nothing is being done in terms of nutritional factors and MS. Such a situation is not in the best interests of persons with MS and DIRECT-MS hopes to rectify this very unfortunate and potentially very harmful circumstance.

    Nutritional recommendations summary:

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