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    The Massacre of Fallujah, Iraq


    by TruthSpring

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    Chuck Gallaher
    Iraq is not a terrorist country brutal_reality. Besides, the US did 9-11, we can't talk. Bush and Cheney along with Daddy Bush did it, and they attack Iraq, using WMDs and a war on terrorism that THEY committed.
    By Chuck GallaherDecember
    What a crock. I guess any religion that tells you to kill everyone that doesn't have the same beliefs as you backfired huge eh. If you're going to throw a statement like that in your teachings.......expect to be extinguished from this mud ball. Don't harbor terrorists and don't threaten other countries and all should be okay in the future. Just some food for thought. I guess they should have left when they had the chance.
    By brutal_reality5 years ago
    This is not journalism, at least real journalism, as they left out a ton of vital information. The first being that everyone in the city was given a week's notice to get out of town unless they wanted to stay to fight.. They should have left town. Secondly, the video doesn't discuss the total number of unprovoked attacks on US military personnel before the war. I have never been in the Army before and didn't support the war, but I don't appreciate slanted propaganda either.
    By bposnerscu7 years ago
    By kosmotic7 years ago