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    Nibiru Planet X Photos Taken January 2008

    Andy Bell

    by Andy Bell

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    WHY WHY?? What outcome are you seeking to create? Really...even if you had incredibly well cross referenced, documented, convincing evidence, what do you expect viewers to do?? Oh dear, I guess we must find some way to escape earth and hide on...I dunno...the moon before this terribly fake photoshop planet thingy hits earth! LOL
    By jezabella5 years ago
    Great Vid.
    By money4ubearteam6 years ago
    ' yeeeahhh Super video Merci ^^
    By miaasalieea6 years ago
    It's none of these. We don't even have pictures like this of Pluto, let alone ones that are in color and show the detail of what appear to be eccentrically orbiting satellites around a larger body. Somehow I doubt the originator of this has seen what the discovery images of Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt objects look like. Let alone add creepy music to it.

    If it were real, you'd think they'd give out the coordinates so amateur astronomers could confirm such findings.
    By polarisusmc7 years ago
    Interesting.......especially if these are legitimate photos. And not some lame hoaxer.
    By Ears14U7 years ago
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