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    Learn How to Spot Hidden Vehicle Damage, CARMAX.COM ...


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    Learn How to Spot Hidden Vehicle Damage, CARMAX.COM “QUICK POLL” FINDS CONSUMERS OFTEN MISIDENTIFY DAMAGE INDICATORS Most consumers do not know the biggest warning signs indicating a vehicle may have been in a major accident, according to a poll conducted by CarMax, Inc., the nation’s largest retailer of used cars. Most respondents (72%) said that repainting the car is the strongest indicator of vehicle damage, followed by clamp marks (18%), bumps and dents (8%) and scratches (2%). However, according to CarMax’s knowledgeable car-buying professionals, clamp marks on a vehicle’s frame are the biggest sign that the car may have been involved in a serious collision. Consumers should remember the following tips when looking to buy pre-owned vehicles: ·Look for clamp marks on the frame rail under the car. Clamp marks look like holes or gashes on the frame of the vehicle. Clamp marks suggest the vehicle may have been in a serious accident. ·Look for signs of repainting on the car, such as inconsistency in the paintwork. Run your finger along the inside of the door edge; a rough finish can be caused by overspray during repainting. ·Listen for any engine noise when you test drive the vehicle. A major accident can cause damage to any part of the engine. Ask questions about any noise that sounds unusual. ·Check to see if all the doors, the hood, and trunk lid close properly. ·Check to see if the odometer changes miles as the vehicle is driven. For more information and additional tips, please visit: