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    Interview with Ambassador Robert Krueger- The Hague 26 April


    door olny

    Dr. Robert Krueger is a former US senator and Ambassador to Burundi where he served between 1994 and 1995.

    He was among the key speakers of the 26 April 2008 International Conference on peace in the Great Lakes Region. In his address to about 400 people, Krueger said that he was a fervent supporter of a truth and reconciliation commission in Rwanda.

    He added that he did not believe that bringing criminals to justice would bring peace to Rwanda. Admitting that his position was not supported by many, he said that taking president Paul Kagame to court would not solve the issue. “What I want is to see him confess”, he said.

    In this interview, Krueger says that Rwanda’s ambassador to the US had accused him and Paul Rusesabagina of buying arms in South Africa for Rwandan rebels, FDLR, based in the DR Congo. He denies these allegations.