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    DR. Eilbert Reichard

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    A private detective and his sister set of to a quest for a certain Dr. Eilbert Reichard whom they assume to be their corporal father.
    The sudden disappearance of the sister and an ominous cult complicating the mission.
    A first-person narrator guides through the story, edited from found-footage super & normal 8mm film-material.
    Additionally it has been added with some sequences shot by myself to introduce and make up the connections between the different, mostly fictional places.

    The whole Idea is based on Roland Barthes Book "Mythologies" in which he introduces his semiotic theory. In this theory, in a nutshell, he describes how especially Images can get a completely different meaning via a new- or re-connotation. If this connotation is strong and credible enough the image gets ripped out of its former denotation-sphere to finally become a Icon of the new meaning the connotation has applied.
    I constructed the short-film in a "mocumentary" style, weaving a completely fictional story around the characters found on the found footage film reels, who, afore had nothing in common, except that they had been captured on celluloid about 30 Years ago mostly only for private delight, in some case for professional advertisements as-well.
    All this shots mixed up within ten minutes give life to a character that never existed, and to a desperate son who is looking for him.
    Commemorating some personal issues as-well, this film should be more a entertaining and humorous lesson in how easily the re-connotation process works and how careful we must take a look at each picture and its context, when it comes to evaluate its truth and news value.
    Ein Privatermittler macht sich gemeinsam mit seiner schwester auf die Suche nach einem gewissen Dr. Reichard, von dem beide vermuten, dass es ihr leiblicher Vater ist.

    Das Verschwinden der Schwester und eine ominöse Sekte erschweren die Mission. Ein Film aus gefundenem Super 8 und nachgedrehtem digitalen Material.