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    Projek Iaght™ -Visual/Sonic Database Film

    Joey Bargsten

    by Joey Bargsten

    (Better quality here, or buy DVD) PROJEK IAGHT(tm) (2005) by composer/media artist Joey Bargsten ( is film created from internet image searches using Google, Flickr, Yahoo, and so forth. Words searched included graffiti, urban art,DJ, skateboard, hiphop, breakdance, and tatoo, plus more generic or street terms like cool, party, kromp, yo, freak, pimp, playa, and iaght. Each image lasts one frame, there's 30 frames per second, and the film lasts about 3 1/2 minutes. Microsongs - actual pop songs compressed in time to last about 5 seconds each - make up the soundtrack.
    PROJEK IAGHT is available in all its uncompressed glory on the DVD "Triage" at .
    And see what I"m working on now at .