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    X-force #3


    by shazap

    This title continues to impress. The dark story and art are taken to a new level as Bastion initiates his plan to rid the earth of all mutants. Rahne is found and returned hopefully in the nick of time but we’ll have to wait for next issue to see that. Last issue Bastion brought to earth a form of magus, the techno-organic being that the x-men fought a while back because it was determined that no earthly force could bring about the destruction of all mutants. He has used it to control and reanimate the greatest mutant killers of all time to lead the purifiers in their mission. There is a really cool two page panel at the end of the book that lists the names of everyone and their mutant killing stats it really puts into perspective the threat that the purifiers now pose. It is the ultimate anti mutant brain trust. While the X-force is regrouping in Colorado the purifiers set their final plan in motion. It’s only going to get worse from here and that means more action, more blood, and more excitement for us. I keep praising this title and it is only getting better. Go out get it now!