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    Ultimate Spiderman #121


    by shazap

    One word, boring! Why oh why did they even bother? Seriously if they are that pressed for a story why not just take the month off? I would prefer that to the garbage I just wasted 3 bucks on. The whole story is Peter describing to the biggest dog ate my homework excuse ever as his and Kity’s “baby” gets destroyed during a fight at the Daily Bugle with Omega Red. This is possibly the biggest travesty of all they took a badass villain from the regular marvel U and reduced him to a joke. He’s handled with a couple of pounces and a vending machine to the face with no real threat or strength at all. The story is painfully monotone and just all around lame. Don’t waste your time with this one. I’ve come toexpect so much more from Bendis. The only good thing is that issues like this are usually the fillers between more significant stories so next month should be a lot better.