Hulk #3


by shazap

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What a great book and a great team. Jeph Loeb knows how to write fun interesting action books with just enough story to keep you interested. Ed McGuiness of the ultimates is amazing. His larger than life style plays really well to the larger than life characters in the hulk. For those of you who don’t know the big mystery in this book is who is this new red hulk. So far we know it’s not Banner, he likes to beat people up, he hates everything hulk, friends and allies included, and he likes to use guns. The subtle clue in this issue comes when the red hulk steps in front of the guard station at the entrance to the gamma base. A retinal scan is performed and the scanner says that the subject’s ID is confirmed as… and the hulk smashes the station. So we know the red hulk is someone who is recognized at the gamma base, but did he smash it to hide his identity or just because he was angry and it was there? We’ll have to keep reading to find out. The real fun starts when Banner’s cell is compromised and the true hulk escapes to confront this new red hulk. Next issue the real fight begins.