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    All New Tukaan – Dec 10, 2016 (Episode 914)

    All New Tukaan

    by All New Tukaan

    All New Tukaan - December 10, 2016
    Episode 914

    Watch All New Tukaan (Philippines) every Saturdays, 10AM on IBC13 and on Pinoy Extreme Channel every Sundays 12Noon (if no horserace) & 10PM and Mondays 5:30AM.

    You can also watch All New Tukaan on

    The original telemagazine program on cockfighting since 1998 and it was established by the late Edmundo “Emoy” Gorgonia, prime mover of the cocking show in the Philippines and a sabong icon of all time. It was produced through the initiative brainchild and efforts of Emoy because he believed that media can help to disseminate information regarding the different aspects of sabong.

    Besides, this show tends to lift and to boost the industry not only for the game itself but also for the common people be more scientifically engaged in taking care of their battlecock and breeding. Hence, people will be erudite that this sport is not a gambling per-se but initially a serious ethnic and a truly Filipino sport throughout the century.

    After fruitful years has passed, Tukaan has been and currently managed by PitGames Media with the help of "Manny" Berbano. With his long experience and love for Sabong Industry, Tukaan has emerged as one of the top ratings of Sabong TV shows in the Philippines covering different Sabong related activities such as meetings / gatherings of the associations, gamefowl expos, gamefowl seminars and other sabong related activities nationwide.

    Disclaimer: Footage contains sabong or cockfighting related topics. If it is inappropriate or illegal to watch in your respective country, please do not watch the show. Thank you.