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    Let me be your Freedom

    Tom Petersen

    by Tom Petersen

    Warning: This Video contains images that are not suitable for Children.
    Viewing is recommended for ‘Mature Audiences’ only !

    ‘The Surge is working' is it, Mr Bush ?
    When will the People of Iraq know what you know ?
    You can't blame Saddam Hussein for the Mass Destruction that continues to take place in Iraq... so is it perhaps 'Your Weapons' that are contributing to it ???

    Bring the Troops home, Mr Bush... The only 'Surge' that is going to work, is the one where the Troops are leaving Iraq. It is far better that they be 'alive' when it happens !!!

    My appreciation goes to 'dancewater' for the tireless effort that goes into maintaining the 'Faces of Grief' blogspot...
    Much of the material that I use in my Videos is obtained from that website, and I really appreciate being kept up-to-date as to what is really happening in Iraq. If it was left to the US-embedded Reporters to keep us informed, we could perhaps be excused for thinking that there isn't even a War going on, and that the People of Iraq actually appreciate having the Coalition Forces blasting the heck out of their country !

    Music in this Video is the Barbra Streisand song... All I Ask Of You !